Monday, February 9, 2015

Goodbye Blogger, Hello new blog!!!

Okay so, I probably should have mentioned this before hand, but I made the switch from blogger to my own hosted blog, which I'm SO excited about! but as a result, if you follow me on blogger, as of last week, my posts aren't showing up in your feed.  I LOVE the new layout and design and I think you will be too! But just to be safe, for the next little bit, I'll leave up,  and I'll make a quick post/reminder here every couple of days, with a link to my blog, HERE so that those of you who receive my feed, will know where to go, and why my posts aren't showing up:) So please, go check it out! I think you'll be just as thrilled as I am about the change! thanks!

new blog url:

Friday, May 16, 2014

I Only Marry Superhero's

 Outfit details: 
jacket: thrifted
shirt: given to me
shirt: blouse-thrited
pants: target
shoes: tj maxx
My superhero shirt is definitely one my favorite to go outfits. Whenever I wear a superhero shirt it 
makes me feel absolutley confident, not because its comfortable but because I feel like myself. I feel like I can fly and just about anything is possible. Superheros are one of my favorite things I love, my favorite hero is batman. Because number one he is the ultimate greatest superhero to me;his confident whether his bruce or batman, his beyond even though he doesnt have super powers(that to me is a real hero;someone who doesn't have powers but still trys anyways), and Christian Bale as batman is just the best thing ever.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Got that Spring vibe

 outfit details:
sweater dress: american eagle
shirt with beaded collars: TJ Maxx
jacket: platos closet 
tights: target
shoes: TJ Maxx
sunnies: urbanoutfitters
necklace: a gift

 Happy late Easter! How was everyone Easter? mine was fantastic got to spend with my loved ones and got a break from my classes, the weather was lovely so it was a fantastic weekend. I have two weeks left of school but this week finals start so lots of hardcore studying and goofing off.. wish me luck

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bringing out the floral

 Outfit Details:
Overalls: H&M
Turtleneck: my Moms
Booties: Steve Madden cut out booties 
necklace: thrift

 It is finally starting to warm up here so you know what that means; SPRING TIME! I love the spring time, at least when it is warm because the flowers start blooming, cute little animals start coming back out, and just in general everything is colorful and green. When the spring comes, color doesn't just appear in the greenery but also appears in FASHION! That i love because i think spring fashion is one of my favorites because that's lots of color, and lots if patterns, and lots of new trends. So stay tune thios spring to all the new trends of patterns and colors.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Outfit Details: 
dress: goodwill $3
denim jacket: Plato's closet
turtleneck: was my moms
sunnies: urban outfitters
Maryjane heels: forever21
earrings: Francesca's 
Finally a new DIY! sorry guys I've been quite busy but now I finally have some time to post. So your probably wondering which part of the dress I DIY but if you look at the waistline of the dress, it is beaded. So If you wanna know step by step how to achieve this simple look here are the directions.
Find a dress that's just too simple and that could use a little more creativeness to it. Once you have picked out a dress then pick out matching thread, and beads that would go with that dress.
So after you have gotten a needle and thread color that matches, start tie-ing your thread and push it through the area your beading, and then just start beading by putting beads on the needle and making the needle go though the fabric. Just continue that step until you think its finish and then 
Viola you have a brand new cute DIY beaded dress!
 More  pics of the Dress

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dinner Party Black Darling Dress

So guys this week I've entered the Modcloth challenge. Where I got chosen to do an ensemble of the dinner party darling dress in black, the dress definitely lives up to its name because it is absolutely "darling"! To get your very own dress, check out the rest of Modcloth's Dresses to get a really cute one like this darling dress. Click on this link on Wanelo to check out my ensemble.
had an absolute blast with this challenge. Thank you modcloth for including me and and having me in this challenge

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


  Well its winter here in Indiana and its been absolutely freezing and all I want to is watch netflix reruns of gossip girl, and be covered in head to warm and cozy sweaters. And when i got sent this beautiful watch from La Mer it definitely warmed my insides. I am so stoked to be collaborating with La Mer's Collection, because I am a huge fan of their store and every watch made has this beautiful elegance to it. It has been hailing and there has been a couple snow storms here so we decide to do some fun head shots wearing my black crystal watch. The black Topanga crystal watch is  leather watch strap topped with Gold rivets. I believe  La Mer's Collection's' signature is gold,the watch also contains removable gold plated barbell jewelry chain topped with four gorgeous removable pendant crystals: 1 amethyst Pendant, 1 Clear Quartz Octohedron, 1 Ameythst Ombre Cylinder and 1 All Gold Crystal Point. Each Crystal is removable and adjustable. So head over to La Mer's Collections to get your very own watch, or go to to this direct link La Mer Collections to get the exact watch I'm wearing.

XOXO, Killy

p.s:Stay tuned later this week to see some full body shots of how I really style this snazzy pieces!